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Ms. Lola was an artist who did not receive the recognition for the great work she truly deserved. Ms. Lola recently passed in January 2020; however, during her lifetime, she had conquered cervical cancer and a stroke, but her battle ended, and she is finally at peace. This unique, strong black woman gave the world a gift of warmth and compassion and shared her wisdom and creativity with all she encountered. 


This truly remarkable woman was an advocate for African Americans' history and accomplishments in America before African American studies became popular.  She had taught and introduced books about black cowboys, inventors, explorers, and scientists to countless inner-city youth when the established school system either ignored, downplayed, or believed that black people did not have history worthy of discussing. 


She may not have been an entertainer, a rapper, or an athlete that society honored as heroes. She was an educator that inspired young minds to reach the zenith of enlightenment and knowledge.


Ms. Lola had a plethora of accomplishments. She was a brilliant artist who mastered all art mediums and an avid reader with an extensive vocabulary. However, her real passion was art, she lived for art, and she expressed her love, knowledge, and ideas through art. 


Her creative accolades included the following: Costume Design for Broadway hit "Crazy For You"; She created the backdrops and set designs for Adam Kilgor Pupperteering company; she craftily airbrushed designs on Dressed, Shirts, Socks, and Pillows for "Adam and Eve" show. She designed the logo for Berkshire Showcase Performing Arts Training Center.

 In addition to her artistic accomplishments, Ms. Lola was a prolific writer/poetic. She wrote promotional Jingles for WBLS, and advertisement for Schomberg Library Fundraising Drive to Preserve Books on different media, and numerous poems that will inspire your inner soul.

God's angle is no longer with us, but she had left behind incredible artworks that will live forever.

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